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Core Musical Training


Instrumental & Vocal Study



We offer lessons of different instruments including Piano, Voice, Strings (violin, viola, cello, guitar), Woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone), and Brass (trumpet, French horn).


Our teachers develop individual learning plan based on the existing skills and knowledge of students. Evaluation will be conducted quarterly and recommendations on aural skills and music theory training will be provided in the course of study.

我們提供多種樂器課程,包括鋼琴、聲樂、弦樂 (小提琴,中提琴,大提琴,結他)、木管樂 (長笛,雙簧管,單簧管,色士風)及銅管樂 (小號,圓號)。



Ensemble Training



Ensemble training is fun and of utmost importance to become an all-rounded musician. Each individual player has to be a responsible collaborator and learn their part thoroughly before making great music together with their peers. The multiple parts of ensemble music bring in richer harmony and exhilarating rhythm, which motivate the players to further polish their technical and musical skills.


We offer Piano Ensemble and Chamber Music Courses.




Aural Skills and Music Theory



According to ABRSM guidance:


  • Developing aural awareness is fundamental to musical training because having a ‘musical ear’ impacts on all aspects of musicianship.


  • For theory of music, understanding of how written symbols relate to the elements of music and having the skills to interpret and translate them into sounds, empowers us to communicate and experience music in a meaningful way.


Aural skills and knowledge of music theory should be developed simultaneously with the performing skills. We offer graded Aural Skills and Music Theory Courses.



  • 鍛鍊聆聽能力是一項極為重要的基本音樂訓練,因為這種能力跟音樂修養環環相扣。


  • 在樂理方面,學習音樂術語和元素能讓我們對音樂作更深層次的理解及交流,體驗音樂的魅力。



Music Composition


Music exists by someone’s creation. Studying music composition is one of the most effective and satisfying way to learn various musical styles, musical notations and instrumentation. It is a fulfilling process to create your own music and develop your own musical style through exploration on orchestration, different musical structure as well as compositional technique.


Individual Music Composition lessons and other composition-related courses will be taught by our Artist Consultant in Composition.




Performance in Action



Having confidence in performance is vital for being a musician and it requires continuous effort and practices. We provide progressive performance opportunities as follows:


  • Studio Performance Class (informal performance in a class setting with constructive feedback provided)


  • Master Class (semi-formal performance coached by Master/Senior Teachers)


  • Recitals (formal on-stage performance with larger audience)


  • Contests (formal on-stage performance in a competitive setting)


We offer Performance Intensive class for students who will be participating in ABRSM exams, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival or other contests and auditions.



  • 演奏實踐班

  • 大師班

  • 演奏會

  • 比賽


Coaching and Accompaniment for Contest and Exam



Our highly qualified teachers can provide tailored-made coaching and accompanying sessions for students who are preparing for contests and exams. Aural skills components can be added to the training as needed.

  • 由專業導師指導及伴奏

  • 因應學員需要提供視唱練耳訓練

  • 按實際需要及家長要求,可為學員安排摸擬考試或演奏

  • 學院總監給予專業演奏建議

Instrumental purchase and rental


We provide professional advice for choosing the best instrument available within the desired budget. Purchase can be arranged upon request.


For beginners, we offer rental service or rent-to-buy programs to suit individual needs.

  • 提供專業建議協助學員揀選最合適的樂器。如有需要,學院可為學員購買樂器。

  • 小提琴及大提琴初學者可選擇學院的租賃或「先租後買」計劃。

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